Option Thursday


Warm-Up / Skills

3 rounds: 30 string knees, 20 squats, 10 pushups

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Exercise: Broad Jump/lbs
Reps: ?
Comment: Score your least amount of jumps from edge to wall
*must be able to touch wall standing tall with elbow @ side


Exercise: Double Unders/lbs
Reps: ?
Comment: Score total in 2 minutes
*don’t count the one that fails!

“800m Run”

Max Effort 800m Run

Result Type: Time
Male Rx: 0 lbs
Female Rx: 0 lbs

“Max Push-Ups”

Max Effort Push-Ups

Result Type: AMRAP
Male Rx: 0 lbs
Female Rx: 0 lbs
Comment: standard pushup – if not Rx just make sure you comment on the quality / type of pushup it was in your comments

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