Is Lifting Bad for Kids

When discussing CrossFit and Kids the number one question we receive is “Isn’t lifting weights bad for kids?”.

The following article written by Brand X, the leaders in CrossFit Kids revolution, clarify and remove all the myth that has accompanied kids and lifting.

Kids & Weightlifting: Dispel the Myth

Common knowledge is sometimes neither accurate nor helpful. Case in point, the pervasive misconceptions and mythology pertaining to kids and weightlifting that have swirled around the health and fitness communities.

For years, the ominous warning, “it is not safe for kids to lift weights” has been spoken with authority and rarely challenged. The customary rationale behind this point of view has been that lifting will hurt their growth plates. To hear the naysayers tell it, kids who lift weights are going to grow up to become misshapen dwarves.

This has not been our experience at CrossFit Kids HQ. Nor is it what is being reported by CrossFit Kids programs around the world. Looking at the active kids we are raising and training, we see the opposite effect. We see strong, lean, healthy kids, standouts in PE who are able to adapt to a wide range of sports. Okay, some of them around here may be short, but that is due to genetics, not weightlifting.

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