Our Facility

We have a 7,200 sq ft facility with all Rogue equipment including a 44 foot pullup rig and a 20 foot Monster Rig, GHD machines, 2 Olympic lifting platforms with pulling and jerk blocks, 6000# of competition bumpers and 10000# of weights, climbing ropes, rings both high and low, Airdynes, Concept2 rowers and various sleds to build strength and explosive speed.

Our Polaroid board of all our great members
44 foot main rig with 10 squat stands and our 16 ft Big Ass Fan
Plenty of rings, both high and low for muscle ups, ring dips, ring rows and many other gymnastics skills
Lots of bars, 7kg training bars, 15kg bars, 20kg bars, fat axle bars and farmers carry handles
Rowers, lifting platforms with blocks, slam balls, dumbbells and a view of our second rig and GHD machines
Huge training floor with high ceilings for rope climbs
Our CrossFit Boro retail area
Lifting platform with pulling blocks
Lifting platform with jerk blocks
Second rig with Crossover Symmetry system, Assisted Gymnastics apparatus and GHD machines in the background


View of main floor
Coaches certifications, PR bell, our Wodify check in and performance tracking system
Close up of Olympic lifting platform
Medicine balls, kettlebells and bars

Our cubbies and bathrooms, complete with showers
Proud of our Regionals Athletes Jacob Anderson and Coach Laura Brannen
Proud of our Regionals Athletes Jacob Anderson and Coach Laura Brannen
Working on some handstand walking during open gym
Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 12.44.45 PM
Recognized on the Rogue Fitness Wall of Fame with some of the best boxes in the country!

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