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Transformation is something we see daily at CrossFit Boro, we are helping changing lives daily. We have one quote on our walls:

“This place will change you if you let it”

“My son had his 12 year old check up yesterday. The doctor didn’t seem to believe me that he doesn’t drink milk products and we are staying away from all processed food. I told him we don’t fry anything and mostly we eat deer, red meat (and of course lots of bacon ha) He kind of just made a face at me in a kind way told me needed to watch Jason’s weight and watch out for puberty then walked out to go get the blood work results. He walks back in and says WOW Jason wish I had your cholesterol and triglycerides. These are the best results in a child I’ve seen in a LONG time. He sat down on the exam table next to Jason and said tell me more about this Paleo. So Jason starts telling him he does Crossfit with Jake, Ryan and other guys. Mr Ryan and Jake told me to stay away from bread and milk etc. I told the Doctor well basically if a cave man couldn’t eat it we shouldn’t eat it. He told Jason well this is true Jason I wish other moms loved their children as much as yours does. I have moms in here all the time that say they don’t think a few sodas or Ice cream everyday will hurt them. No sense in a child missing out. Truth is Jason it does harm them but your mom has chosen to show you a better way of eating. Listen to her she’s not taking food from you because it makes you sad she giving you better fresh veggies and fruit to make you live longer and stronger. I just smiled and gave the doctor a “told ya so” look and then I said oh and by the way he’s also lost 11 pounds in 2 months with Crossfit Boro and Paleo. Doctor said point taken ma’am and Jason my boy the proof is in the pudding son I want to see you again in a month. I laughed and said no the proof is in a paleo banana nut muffin.” -Heather Sandstrom



“(Left) one year ago St Patrick’s Day I weighed 215lbs. After changing to a paleo diet and beginning crossfit I have dropped 45 lbs over the course of year and the photo on the right is this year weighing in 170lbs. You don’t need to work out in your living room or take diet pills, just stick to a healthy diet and bust your butt in the gym. Weight loss is 70% diet and 30% working out, it’s that easy. I couldn’t have done this without the support of my friends and family. Thanks for the encouragement!!” -Andrew McCray

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